rayPod v2011.12
	color = "Type|Color
	title = "Title"
	showhide = "1|0"
	mode = "123">


	template = "path"
	name = "tag name"
	color = "Type|Color
	title = "Title"
	showhide = "1|0"
	mode = "123">

ColorOptionalLight (Silver) Sets the color style of Pod - Light, Dark, Bright can be used as types.
The color chosen must be defined in css and have a bg img.
TitleOptional  also: <PodTitle>Title here</PodTitle> (Overrides Attributes.Title)
Title bar displayed with title on top of pod.
ShowHideOptional  If supplied will show an icon to show/hide the pod container.
  • ShowHide="1"
  • ShowHide="0" - will hide the pod initially.
  • ModeOptional123 If supplied will limit Pod to only modes desired:
    1=Top, 2=Body, 3=Bottom.
  • 1: Displays top only.
  • 12: Displays top and PodBody border with no bottom.
  • 13: Displays top and bottom with no PodBody border.
  • <NavTag>Optional  If found within the pod tag the <a links will be parsed and try to determine which link is active.
    By default the first link will be set to active.

      <a href="url1">Url1</a>
      <a href="url2">Url2</a>
      <a href="url3">Url3</a>
    Note: The following classes have special properties:
  • class="PodHead" : Creates an extension of the PodTop to include additional pod info such as pagination links, search/filter form, etc.
  • class="PodFooter" : Much like PodHead but designed for the bottom of the pod. Also triggers the pod to use the colored bottom corners of the pod instead of border-only.

  • Examples
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